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Przemyslaw Nowak

UNIGE Postdoctoral Research Associate

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  • Via Opera Pia, 11A
  • Genova
  • 16145
  • Italy


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • (+39) 010 353 2048

Miscellaneous Information


2006 - 2012: Neuroscience Graduate Program

                    University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA)

                    Ph.D. Dissertation: Electrophysiological Investigation of Rabbit Retinal Ganglion Cells

1996 - 2002: Master of Science Program in Computer Science

                    Technical University of Lodz (Poland) - Department of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

                    M.Sc. Thesis: Neural Hemodialysis Modeling [in Polish]

Research Interests

- Neurophysiology

- Neural modeling

- Neural interfaces

- Artificial intelligence


2006 - 2007: Fulbright Graduate Student Grant

2001: Rector's Fellowship Award

2000 - 2001: Tempus Mobility Grant

1997 - 2000: Scholarship for High Academic Achievements


 2008 - Present: Phi Beta Delta Honor Society

 2007 - Present: Golden Key International Honour Society

Teaching Activity

- At UniGe: Computational Neuroscience

- At UAB: Computation in Brains and Computers; Psychophysical Assessment of Visual Function

- At TUL (in Polish): Artificial Intelligence Methods in Economics; Artificial Neural Networks; Computer Organization and Architecture; Computer Systems in Management; Fundamentals of Computer Science in Biology and Medicine; Object-Oriented Programming; Operating Systems; Soft-computing; Software Engineering


Book Chapters

  1. Nowak P, Filutowicz J, Szczepaniak PS (2003) Artificial neural networks: an example - neural hemodialysis modelling [in Polish]. In: Compendium of Medical Informatics [in Polish] (Zajdel R, Kacki E, Szczepaniak PS, Kurzynski M, eds), pp327-333. Bielsko-Biala: Wydawnictwo Medyczne "alfa-medica press".

Journal Papers

  1. Nowak P, Dobbins AC, Gawne TJ, Grzywacz NM, Amthor FR (2011) Separability of stimulus parameter encoding by on-off directionally selective rabbit retinal ganglion cells. Journal of Neurophysiology 105(5):2083-2099.
  2. Nowak P, Szczepaniak PS, Filutowicz J, Ojha PC (2001) Modelling of urea concentration in serum after hemodialysis. Journal of Medical Informatics & Technologies 2:SN-9-14.

Conference Papers

  1. Massobrio P, Tedesco M, Kanagasabapathi TT, Marcoli M, Cervetto C, Nowak P, Martinoia S. In vitro homogeneous and heterogeneous interconnected neuronal cultures: exploring expressed dynamics and functional connectivity. In: Proceedings of 6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (He B, Akay M, eds), pp919-922. 2013 November 6-8, San Diego, CA, USA.
  2. Papis R, Nowak P (2005) Parsing texts written in natural language with CBR. In: Human Language Technology as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistic: Proceedings of 2nd Language & Technology Conference (Vetulani Z, ed), pp463-467. 2005 April 21-23, Poznan, Poland.
  3. Szczepaniak PS, Nowak P, Filutowicz J, Ojha PC (2001) Analysis of input significance for neural urea kinetic modelling. In: Intelligent Systems in Patient Care: Proceedings of EUNITE Workshop (Adlassnig KP, ed), pp117-122. 2001 October 5, Vienna, Austria.
  4. Szczepaniak PS, Filutowicz J, Nowak P, Ojha PC (2001) Classic and neural urea kinetic modelling. In: Proceedings of 6th International Conference SYMBIOSIS 2001 (Tkacz E, Kostka P, Przybyla T, Pander T, eds), pp73-76. 2001 September 11-13, Szczyrk, Poland.

Conference Abstracts

  1. Chiappalone M, Bonifazi P, Bisio M, Massobrio P, Difato F, Breschi GL, Pasquale V, Nowak P, Goldin M, Tedesco M, Grillo F, Taverna S (2013) In vitro and in silico interconnected neuronal assemblies: a multidisciplinary framework for the development of a novel bi-directional brain-prosthesis. In: 2013 Neuroscience Meeting Planner (Program No. 132.17). 2013 November 9-13, San Diego, CA, USA.
  2. Bonifazi P, Massobrio P, Levi T, Difato F, Breschi GL, Pasquale V, Goldin M, Ambroise M, Bornat Y, Tedesco M, Bisio M, Frega M, Tessadori J, Nowak P, Grassia F, Kanner S, Ronit G, Renaud S, Martinoia S, Taverna S, Chiappalone M (2013) In vitro experimental and theoretical studies to restore lost neuronal functions: the Brain Bow experimental framework. In: 2013 IEEE Neural Engineering Short Papers (Short Paper No. 0519). 2013 November 6-8, San Diego, CA, USA.
  3. Nowak P, Massobrio P, Martinoia S (2013) Modular versus uniform cultured neuronal networks: a modeling study. In: BMC Neuroscience 14 (Suppl 1): P265. 2013 July 13-18, Paris, France.
  4. Nowak P, Gawne TJ, Dobbins AC, Amthor FR (2009) Extraction of stimulus parameters from responses of directionally selective retinal ganglion cells. In: 2009 Neuroscience Meeting Planner (Program No. 165.7). 2009 October 17-21, Chicago, IL, USA.
  5. Risner ML, Nowak P, Amthor FR, Gawne TJ (2009) The response dynamics of retinal ganglion cells to simulated blur. In: 2009 Neuroscience Meeting Planner (Program No. 165.18). 2009 October 17-21, Chicago, IL, USA.
  6. Gawne TJ, Nowak P (2007) Temporal dynamics of the responses of visual cortical neurons to multiple stimuli. In: 2007 Neuroscience Meeting Planner (Program No. 615.11). 2007 November 3-7, San Diego, CA, USA.

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