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Valentina Pasquale

IIT Post Doc

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  • Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
    Via Morego 30
  • Genova
  • 16163
  • Italy


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +39 010 70781 743
  • +39 010 70781 230

Miscellaneous Information

In 2004, Valentina Pasquale graduated in Biomedical Engineering at University of Genova (ITALY), with a thesis about “Models and simulations of networks of cortical neurons in vitro”, developed in NEURON, supervised by Prof. Vittorio Sanguineti.

In November 2006, she got the MD in Bioengineering (Neuroengineering curriculum). Thesis: “Self-organized critical states and population dynamics in networks of cortical neurons in vitro”, supervised by Sergio Martinoia.

In 2010, she got the PhD in Humanoid Technologies at Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Department), in collaboration with University of Genova, under the supervision of Michela Chiappalone, Sergio Martinoia and Fabio Benfenati. During PhD studies, she focused on developing algorithms to characterize the network dynamics of primary neuronal cultures plated onto planar micro-electrode arrays.

After a brief experience in Carestream Health (, where she worked as Integration Specialist (EAMER HCIS) for radiology information systems, she came back to research and she is currently Junior Post-doc at IIT, mainly involved in the BRAIN BOW project. In this context, she is developing offline analysis tools for extracellular recordings from in vitro isolated guinea pig brains.

Research Highlights

Valentina Pasquale is co-author of:

  • 4 peer-reviewed journal articles (2 more currently submitted)
  • 9 peer-reviewed international conference proceedings
  • 11 abstracts presented to national/international conferences/workshops (not peer-reviewed)
  • 1 book chapter
  •  H-index = 3 (updated November 2012, source: Scopus and ISI Web of Science)
  •  74 citations (56 w/o self-citations, updated November 2012, source: Scopus)

Research Interests

  • Signal processing of multi-channel extracellular recordings
  • Neuronal network dynamics
  • In vitro brain models
  • Brain-machine interfaces

Awards and Honors

2010         Best Contribution Award, Frontiers in Neuroengineering Workshop, Monte Verita' (Ascona, CH)

2010         Student travel grant to attend FENS Forum 2010 in Amsterdam (NL), FENS

2007        "Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria" (Italian Society of Bioengineering) award for the best master thesis in the field of Bioengineering, AA 2006-2007

2007         Admission to the PhD School in Humanoid Technologies, Italian Institute of Technology (I) (score: 90/100)

2006         Worthiness of publication and highest honors for MEng thesis, University of Genoa

2004         Selected among the best students of the University of Genoa for the excellent results achieved during undergraduate studies, University of Genoa (I)

2003         Selected among the best students of the University of Genoa for the excellent results achieved during undergraduate studies, University of Genoa (I)

2001         Selected among the best graduated students of the Italian high schools by Soroptimist International d'Italia (

Teaching Activity

2010        Advanced signal processing tools for multi-electrode data, Italian Institute of Technology, Genova (I): signal processing of multi-channel neural recordings to IIT PhD students.

2009/2010          Neuroingegneria e Neuroscienze computazionali (Neuroengineering and Computational Neuroscience), University of Genova (I): signal processing of multi-channel neural recordings for the students of MD in Bioengineering.

2008/2009         Metodi e Tecniche per la Neuroingegneria (Methods and Techniques in Neuroengineering), University of Genova (I): signal processing of multi-channel neural recordings for the students of MD in Bioengineering.

2006/2007         University of Genova (I): teaching tutor for the students of the Master in Bioengineering.

2006          4th European School of Neuro-IT and Neuroengineering, University of Genova (I): brief tutorial about the NEURON Simulation Environment.

Most relevant publications

Massobrio P., Pasquale V., Martinoia S. (2012) Complex network topology underlie self-organized criticality in cortical ensemble. Submitted to Plos Computational Biology.

Bonifazi P., Difato F., Breschi G. L., Massobrio P., Levi T., Pasquale V., Goldin M., Bisio M., Kanner S., Galron R., Bornat Y., Tessadori J., Taverna S., Chiappalone M. (2012) In vitro large-scale experimental and theoretical studies for the realization of bi-directional brain-prostheses. Submitted to Frontiers in Neural Circuits.

Frega M., Pasquale V., Tedesco M., Marcoli M., Contestabile A., Nanni M., Bonzano L., Maura G., Chiappalone M. (2012) Cortical cultures coupled to micro-electrode arrays: a novel approach to perform in vitro excitotoxicity testing. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 34(1):116-27 (IF = 2.795).

Bologna L.L., Pasquale V., Gandolfo M., Baljon P.L., Garofalo M., Maccione A., Martinoia S., Chiappalone M. (2010) Investigating neuronal activity by SPYCODE multichannel data analyzer. Neural Networks, 23(6), 685-697.

Pasquale V., Martinoia S., Chiappalone M. (2010) A self-adapting approach for the detection of bursts and network bursts in neuronal cultures. Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 29(1-2), 213-229.

Pasquale V., Massobrio P., Bologna L.L., Chiappalone M., Martinoia S. (2008) Self-organization and neuronal avalanches in networks of dissociated cortical neurons. Neuroscience, 153(4), 1354-1369.



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