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Gianluca Breschi

Former IIT Post Doc

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Miscellaneous Information

M.Sc. degree in Biology.

Research Interests

My  research interest are the microcircuits of the Entorhinal Cortex (EC) involved in the generation of neuronal oscillations in physiological and pathological (seizures) conditions.  Using the Isolated Whole guinea pig Brain  (IWB) in vitro model, I measure and try to understand  in which ways single cells influence the population activity. To achieves these goals I perform intracellular along with extracellular recordings made by multi-electrodes arrays (MEAs).  During my PhD studies I’ve focused my work on the relationship between the electrophysological features, recorded during a focal ischemic event in the guinea pig brain in vitro, and the anatomical changes observed by the means of MRi.

Most relevant publications

Penumbra region excitability is not enhanced acutely after cerebral ischemia in the in vitro isolated guinea pig brain. Breschi GL, Mastropietro A, Zucca I, Librizzi L, de Curtis M. Epilepsia, 2012

Functional and structural correlates of magnetic resonance patterns in a new in vitro model of cerebral ischemia by transient occlusion of the medial cerebral artery. Breschi GL, Librizzi L, Pastori C, Zucca I, Mastropietro A, Cattalini A, de Curtis M. Neurobiology of Disease 2010

Arterially perfused neurosphere-derived cells distribute outside the ischemic core in a model of transient focal ischemia and reperfusion in vitro. Pastori C, Librizzi L, Breschi GL, Regondi C, Frassoni C, Panzica F, Frigerio S, Gelati M, Parati E, De Simoni MG, de Curtis M. Plose One, 2008


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